The objective of Eurobot is to foster and develop interest in robotics in
young people on an international scale. To reach this goal, it promotes and
organizes the national qualifications and the international final for the
 Eurobot robotics contest.

About Eurobot

Eurobot is an international amateur robotics contest, open to young people, organised either in student projects or in independent youth science clubs. Middlesex University is a competitor and the Official National Organizing Committee.
Eurobot takes place in Europe but also welcomes countries from other continents.

Middlesex University hosts the UK Finals, and is currently home to the Eurobot UK National Organising Committee.

This year, the UK Finals will be held at Middlesex Universities Flagship campus in Hendon, London

2023 RULES

Who What, Where, Why, When....?


Thursday 30th March 2023


Eurobot, A European Robotic Competition…


Middlesex University, Hendon, London.


The Eurobot 2023 theme is “The Cherry on the Cake”
Each year the Eurobot challenge is themed. In previous years, we have had Atom Factory, Moon Village, Beach Robots, Movie robots, Prehistoric robots, Football robots, Party robots, and Chess robots.
This year robots will be asked to make cakes, put cherries on the cake, organising cherries and much more!


The Eurobot 2023 rules are now avaliable!
You can download them by clicking the link below!

More information regarding the playing area can be retrieved from the official website


Each year many teams from around the UK enter Eurobot, with a goal to win the UK Finals, and progress through to the European stage.

To enter your team to the list Contact Us below.

The location for the UK Final

Want to get involved in the 2023 Eurobot competition?
The deadline for the 2023 signup is the 20th January 2023.

To enter, download the registration form and email it to:

Michael Heeney is the chairman of the National Organising Committee for the UK.

To contact Michael Heeney, the British NOC

Or fill out the contact form below.